Your Wedding Day

The trial:
I will do a trial with you 1-4 weeks before your big day. This can be done either at my place or a place of your choice. Here we will discuss the style of your wedding, your dress and which look you would look and feel most comfortable with. You are more than welcome to bring along a picture of what look you have in mind. I will also take a before and after photo with my digital camera to give you an idea of what the make-up will look like on a photograph and wether or not we need to ad or take away from the specific look. This will give you peace of mind before your big day.

The day of the wedding:
I will do your hair and make-up where you are getting ready for the wedding. On the day of the trial we will work out exactly what time we need to start to get everybody’s hair and make-up done so there will be no rush on the actual day.

Touch ups:
I also supply you with either a lipstick or a gloss to touch up during the course of the wedding. There is also the option of me staying with you when your photographs are being taken. This will ensure that your hair and make-up is perfect on each and every shot.